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2 concepts commonly used in elevator configuration are introduced first:

(1) transport capacity. In the 1 time period, the number of passengers who can be transported by single or group ladders.

(2) average running time. For the 1 elevator, a car 2 adjacent left main floor of the time interval on average; n Taiwan elevator, the time should be divided by n.

The main parameters of the elevator type configuration are the following:

(1) lift units. According to the purpose of building and internal personnel flow to calculate, with the least investment to meet the reasonable vertical transport requirements. Some of the 100 people need to calculate the lift units, some buildings per capita area to calculate, the scientific method is to calculate the traffic.

(2) rated load. Lift units and rated load is affected each other, should be reasonable collocation. The large fixed load can reduce the number of elevator, saving construction area and the cost of the elevator, but will lead to an increased probability of stop, passengers out of car long time, lift average interval time increased; the small constant load weight is the need to increase the number of elevator, occupied construction area and lift cost increases, but the average operation interval reduce the time. According to the rated load, the effective area of the car can be determined.

(3) rated speed. Choose rated speed should be taken into account the lift height and passenger flow and other factors. It is not appropriate to increase the rated speed of the elevator in a short time when the elevator stops. High speed of the elevator in the shorter stopping distance sometimes can not reach the rated speed, and the higher the speed of the elevator, the greater the investment of the safety device.

(4) the opening hours of the car. Should choose the correct way to open the door, the door machine speed performance, open the door width, etc.. The width of the open door should be considered according to the width of the well, the width of the car and the position of the elevator on the other factors, the larger the width of the door to make the passenger flow in and out of the car smoothly.

Elevator selection and configuration of the main parameters of the building should be based on the actual situation of the comprehensive consideration, the specific elevator configuration scheme should be determined by the owners, architects, elevator engineers.

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