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Elevator decoration related knowledge, materials mainly divided into metal, wood, glass, artificial materials.

Metal material: mainly used in stainless steel plate for car wall, door, hall door, as well as door and door decoration. According to the degree of luxury hair pattern plate, mirror panel, mirror etched, titanium plate, gold plate, etc..

Wooden materials: mainly used in car wall, ceiling and floor decoration. Many car wall decoration with wood materials, such as red beech, white beech, black walnut and mahogany wood birdseye, etc.. For star hotels and other decoration requirements of high places. The wooden materials used in the ceiling and the car should be in harmony. The floor is a wooden floor. Car decoration using wood materials required by fire treatment, in line with the fire acceptance criteria.

Glass: glass, mirror, for car wall decoration. If you use mirror stainless steel can not mirror.

Artificial material: mainly refers to the use of light board, light transmission column and other man-made materials used in the ceiling. The ceiling is also divided into a variety of grades, to match the different car decoration. Car arm with artificial material is also more. Of course, there are metal and wood.

Area measurement problem: the use of the elevator car inside the size, wide, deep, high; door frame size, width, height, width, height, width, height, width, height, width, height, width, height. If the car is not a regular rectangle to draw, the corner of the measurement is accurate. Door decoration to measure the width and height of the door leaf. With these dimensions, the factory will be able to process the corresponding products.

As for the quote: generally in accordance with user requirements, the breakdown of quotations, such as car how much money, how much the door. Various production and decoration companies have their own price positioning. If you are acting as a proxy, then you can add your own profits.

Another point, the need to pay attention to: the elevator decoration will change the elevator balance coefficient. If it is a new user to purchase the elevator, the weight of the decoration to estimate the weight in advance to tell the elevator manufacturing plant. If it is in the use of the elevator decoration, need to be adjusted by the elevator commissioning personnel.

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