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When we entered the elevator, can't help to always think of a question, that is the elevator is a closed space, it is how to keep the air circulation? I think most people have not thought about, do not understand the working principle of air conditioning, most similar, sometimes we can easily see the elevator there is an exhaust fan, but that only a small part of it, which is the most important way to lift ventilation air conditioning. Do not think that only the indoor room can be installed air conditioning, in fact, the same elevator has a matching air conditioning, in order to ensure the elevator inside the air cycle. Here to give you a brief introduction of the function of the elevator air conditioning and what are the special air-conditioning with what the elevator! In order to later use is not ignorant.

Elevator air conditioning principle

The special air conditioning can not lift directly to the condensed water discharged into the elevator shaft, plus the installation space has some limitation, so the structure and layout of the elevator air conditioner has its own characteristics, the elevator air conditioner at present is the strong body machine, in fact, its working principle is similar with domestic air-conditioning, refrigeration by compressor, condenser, evaporator and capillary and auxiliary equipment, refrigeration or using the vapor compression refrigeration mode. The compressor can put low-pressure refrigerant vapor compression into high temperature and high pressure steam, and then into the cooling fin tube type condenser, and the outer axial fan will continue to force the air through the condenser, and put away the condenser air heat, high pressure steam in condenser become high pressure liquid, through capillary throttling. Enter the finned tube evaporator in vaporization in antihypertensive treatment, all know the physical effect on heat of vaporization, can be in after the centrifugal fan propelled by the evaporator, the air can be got from cooling, cold by centrifugal fan blowing into a room, so as to reach the purpose of cooling air in time the circulation of.

The difference between elevator air conditioning and conventional air conditioning

Air conditioning is installed in the elevator car, when the air conditioning must be solved there cannot be condensed water, so the elevator air conditioning generally two evaporation methods condensate evaporation, keep the environment dry place. In addition, a part of the air conditioning car is not enough power to prepare, need to pull the accompanying cable.

What are the functions of the elevator air conditioning?

1, ventilation, dust removal and desiccant, clean air, to avoid bacteria infection.

2, can also be made of heat, and has the environmental protection refrigerant, sterilization and other matching functions.

3, installation and maintenance is more convenient, can be based on different types of elevators for different models of choice, can fully meet the different needs of users.

4, can effectively eliminate the blind area of the central air conditioning, to achieve the same level and other indoor air conditioning, improve the grade of their buildings.

5, you can achieve the summer cooling, winter heating effect, to bring people a comfortable environment.

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