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Description of job:
1, in accordance with maintenance procedures and conditions periodically check the elevator, timely troubleshooting;
2, responsible for completing the "maintenance record", and strive to improve the quality of service;
3, responsible for spare parts and tools and equipment requisitioned custody;
4, according to the safety procedures on site emergency repair;
5, to assist with the costs of maintenance department of the unit, emergency repair costs of settlement and collection.
Employment requirements:
1, secondary school (including technical school) education, electromechanical or electrical related professionals;
2, there is electricity, installation and maintenance of escalators work experience more than one year, have good communication skills and team spirit;
3, holds a "special job elevator operating permit" and other well-known brands in the same business for more than two years of work and management experience is preferred.

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Shenzhen EKCNE elevator co., Ltd. Was established in 2009, the registered capital of 220.1 million. Is a collection of elevator r&d, design, manufacture, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators dedicated manufacturing enterprises, production base covers an area of 100 mu, building area of 3.6 square, with 90 meters high elevator testing tower.
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  • From professional quality, the company has been firmly believe: good service plus a good elevator is really good quality constantly improving, the Company has established a sound service system, the customer's needs as the pursuit of service, customer satisfaction as the target service in every service